Frequently Asked Questions

There are several single point solutions with acupressure that help manage conditions ranging from travel sickness and fainting to heart attacks until one can get proper medical care.

Staying in tune with the cycles of nature help to keep the body’s functions in balance. This way one can be less affected by seasonal changes.

Keeping our diet consistent with the changing seasons helps the body to adapt more easily to the environment. Food allergies can be corrected by bringing balance to the body.

Regular exercise helps to maintain a smooth flow of qi in the body. Exercises can be tailored specifically for each individual based on their elemental constitution to prevent any conditions that may arise in the future.

Our varying emotional states through the day have an impact on the flow of Qi, and thereby on our system as a whole. There are several relaxation techniques that we can use to bring a sense of calm to the agitated mind to restore a smooth flow of Qi.