The quest for safer and less invasive alternatives to conventional medicine started for Jayashri when taking care of elders at home. A loving family ran from specialist to specialist trying to understand the root cause of symptoms. Both in the case of her father and uncle, the disease was not diagnosed. Each specialist would prescribe some medication that caused complications in other areas of the body. Change again and new complications would crop up. The sheer helplessness and the pain suffered by her dear ones inspired her to seek out alternate systems of medicine.

Her experience with acupuncture was first hand as a teenager, when she was cured of her genetic migraine. Around eight years ago, after seeing the futility of treating humans as a bunch of organs with a specialist for each, she started her journey into acupuncture. 

Aantarya was started in a small room along with her architecture practice in Banashankari, Bengaluru. A need for expansion prompted us to shift to a larger facility in Jayanagar.

Jayashri’s learning has taken her into deeper healing waters and new therapies are added. The journey continues with more and more healers joining team Aantarya and many beneficiaries spreading the word about acupuncture.

Our values

Aantarya team of healers believe in the power of every human to heal themselves

Our Belief

We believe that the body is an amazing healing system. Health is our natural state, and any dis-ease is only a signal from the body indicating some imbalance. We are only facilitators to aid the process of restoring balance.

Our Expertise

We have developed our expertise over time with acupuncture, a time-tested, and least invasive healing modality. We have taught many to self-heal.

Our Culture

We would like to share our expertise with the larger population and philanthropy is inbuilt into our culture.

Our Healers

Team Antarya consists of dedicated and skilled healers. We all share the common goal of minimizing pain, and exponentially improving the quality of life.

Aantarya Healing

“Our vision is to work towards improving quality of life and minimise suffering, so as to be able to live gracefully and to experience the simple joys of life wholeheartedly.”  

Aantarya specialises in healing using a holistic, non-invasive approach. With the appropriate combination and application of acupressure, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, aromatherapy, and lifestyle changes including diet and exercise a variety of conditions can be resolved in order to achieve optimal health.

Some advantages of these methods include encouraging the body to heal from within,
therapy without side-effects and the use of food as medicine. We adhere to an integrated approach of faith and science, customizing treatment protocols for each unique individual and situation. Additionally, the processes are a confluence of art and science conducted in a non-invasive manner. Our successes with numerous cases gives us the utmost confidence that we can provide relief from a wide range of conditions.